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The following is a partial list of books related to this topic as this site is still undercon.gif (286 bytes) under construction.   The intention of this page is to cover a list of books that deal directly with the subject matter of this web site as well as other holocaust related books.  We will add a brief description of each of the books in the future.

Min HaMeitzar. (In Hebrew)

Available in selected Judaica stores.

Min_Hameitzar.jpg (8768 bytes) The Unheeded Cry,   

by Abraham Fuchs 1988,  

Published by Mesorah Publication.  

This is the first work to popularize Rabbi Weissmandl's book Min HaMeitzar.

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Qarati Ve'Ein One (In Hebrew)

The original book from which "The Unheeded Cry" was translated.

Available in selected Jucaica stores.

Karati_Vein_one.jpg (14121 bytes) Torat Chemed (In Hebew)

Available in selected Judaica store.

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In the Lion's Mouth : Gisi Fleischmann and the Jewish Fight for Survival

by Joan Campion

Coming soon:  The full text of this book on this web site

This book is out of print.  Individually produced hard and/or soft bound copies can be purchased from:     University Microfilms Books-On-Demand Program.   For information, call 800-521-0600

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by Ben Hecht.

We are seeking volunteers to post the full text of this book.

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To Deliver Their Souls : The Struggle of a Young Rabbi Druing the Holocaust , by Emanuel Frieder, 1991 DeliverSouls.jpg (15596 bytes)

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In the Shadow of Darkness (In German & Hebrew) ShadowDarkness.jpg (6377 bytes)
Abandonment of the Jews : America and the Holocaust, 1941-1945

by David Wyman (with a forward by Elie Wiesel).

In this book, Professor Wyman presents the American Jewery's lack of action to reduce the magnitude of the holocaust.

abandonment_jews.gif (7946 bytes)Click to purchase Jews for Sale? : Nazi-Jewish Negotiations, 1933-1945

by Yehuda Bauer

Professor Bauer disagrees with Rabbi Weissmandl.  As a matter of fact, he has several derogatory remarks about Rabbi Weissmandl.

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Thy Brother's Blood : The Orthodox Jewish Response During the Holocaust, by David Kranzler ThyBrothersBlood.jpg (15511 bytes)Click here to purchase this book in paperback format or in hardcover format
Crossing the Border: An Autobiography of a Non-Zionist Palestinian Jew -- Uri Davis; Paperback

NEW_ROUND.GIF (2181 bytes)  Click here to read a chapter from this book, about Natan Schwalb's (Dror) law suit against Uri Davis, David Wolton and Ithica Press. 


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