The Unheeded Cry


Dr. Abraham Fuchs

Published by Mesorah Publications, 1984, 1986, 1998.

(Translated from Hebrew, Qa'rati Ve'in O'ne, published in 1983,1986, 1989)

288 pages with many photographs.      ISBN: 0-89906-468-X

Table of Contents

Publisher's Preface ix
Foreword X
I A Biographical Sketch                               Full text enclosed
Adolescent Brilliance / Broad-Ranging Scholarship / Marriage and New Responsibility / During World War II and the Holocaust / Rescue Work / Broadening Activities / The End in Slovakia / Escape from Death / After the War / A New Beginning
2 From Czechoslovakia to Slovakia -- the "Autonomous" and the "Independent
The Establishment and Dissolution of Czechoslovakia / The Jewish Population / The Leaders of "Autonomous" and "Independent" Slovakia / Agencies for Jewish Affairs
3 Laws Against the Jews and Their Expulsion from Slovakia
"The Jewish Codex" (Anti-Jewish Laws) / The Notice of the Expulsion of the Jews / The Rescue Efforts of Raphael Lowy and Dr. Atlas of Bardejov
4 The Attempt to Save Slovakian Jewry
Negotiations Between Wisliceny and R' Shlomo Gross / Rabbi Weissmandl's Negotiations with Wisliceny through Hochberg / Cessation of Expulsions due to Bribery / Gisi Fleischmann / First Payment Covered by Shlomo Stern / Reactions of Jewish Organizations from Abroad to the Request for Money / Renewal of Expulsions on Yom Kippur 1942 / Cessation of Expulsions for Two Years following the Second Payment / Testimony of Wisliceny
5 The Europe Plan
Negotiations with Wisliceny for Saving the Remaining Million Jews of Europe / Disappointing Responses from Jewish Institutions / Hochberg's Arrest / Ondrej Steiner Pursues the Negotiations / Gisi Fleischmann's Complaints about Hungarian Jewry / The Lack of Trust of the Palestine Office in Istanbul in the "Rabbinic Letters" / Wisliceny's Offer to Release One Million Jews for Two Million Dollars / Rabbi Weissmandl's Pleas to World Jewry for Aid / Gisi Fleischmann's Criticism of the Palestine Office and of Saly Mayer / Wisliceny's Testimony at the Nuremberg Trials
6 Aid for Survivors and Illegal Refugees
The Labor Camps/Aid to the Ghettos in Poland and the Slovakian Jews Exiled There /Smuggling Jews from Poland to Slovakia and from Slovakia to Hungary / The Fugitives from Auschwitz
7 The Attitude of the Church and the Vatican to the Destruction of the Jews
The Vatican's Concerns for Converted Jews / The Attitude of the Bishop of Nitra to the Expulsions / The Pope's Telegram During the Expulsion of Hungarian Jewry / Rabbi Weissmandl's Disillusion with the Nuncio in Bratislava
8 Hungarian Jewry on the Eve of the German Occupation

The Status and Situation of Hungarian Jews / The Establishment of the Relief and Rescue Committee / Discord Among Jewish Organizations / Cooperation Between the Relief and Rescue Committee and the Abwehr

9 The German Invasion of Hungary and the Beginning of the Negotiations
Hitler's Decision to Invade Hungary / New Anti-Semitic Government in Hungary / Eichmann's Arrival in Budapest / Intra-Jewish Rivalry Over Negotiating with the Germans


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