Joan Campion, 1986.  From  "In the Lion's Mouth : Gisi Fleischmann and the Jewish Fight for Survival"   This book is posted here with permission of the author.. 

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In the Lion's Mouth : Gisi Fleischmann and the Jewish Fight for Survival

by Joan Campion




Introduction, by Simon Wiesenthal

  1. "Justice, justice shall you pursue." - Deut. 16:20
  2. "...a proud, self-aware Jew and Zionist." - Y.O. Neumann
  3. "...I also have a feeling of responsibility toward all..." – Gisi Fleischmann
  4. "...she emanated hope and reassurance." - Elizabeth Neumann Wildon
  5. "She was undoubtedly a leading personality…" - Ervin Farkas
  6. "... it is rather unlikely that those who have been exposed to the repeated transports are still alive." - Gisi Fleischmann
  7. "Do not forget the most important thing!" - Gisi Fleischmann
  8. "...never can it be justified that our distress cry dies away in emptiness." - Gisi Fleischmann
  9. "State of affairs is now much more critical than ever…" - Gisi Fleischmann
  10. "This life is neither pleasant nor easy." - Gisi Fleischmann
  11. "... these Jewish children ... would add to the strength of the Jewish element in Palestine" - Dieter von Wisliceny
  12. "With head held high she walked those last few steps" - Leonie Schwarz
  13. "Gisi Fleischmann's name deserves to be immortalized in the annals of our people" - Gideon Hausner

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